Scrum has given us a lot, but it’s time for some conscious uncoupling

“The age of men is over.”

confidently (and rather aggressively, as you would expect from one of those nasty orcs) declares the Orc commander Gothmog in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

An uncomfortable truth or do we just need to keep trying?

The year of the open-minded Chris

I have declared 2021 to be the year of the open-minded Chris. As part of my commitment to personal growth am trying hard not to have opinions that I am emotionally attached to, but rather to have hypotheses that I hold lightly. I do believe that having a position on…

Understand how the “Discover > Design > Execute > Operate” pattern can help your team navigate uncertainty.

Pattern Summary

All projects and initiatives are different, however you will recognise four distinct phases in each. Consider the seasons: Summer, Autumn (or Fall), Spring and Winter. In some countries these are reasonably distinct, in others the transition from season to season is more blurred. Yet in all countries understanding the seasons…

Foundation Pattern: Use company bets to prioritize projects

Pattern Summary

A company bet in the context of this pattern is a potential project. The language comes from the world of gambling, where players will make bets, for example on the outcome of a sporting event, or a hand of poker. Implicit in the language of bets is the language of…

Foundation Pattern: Use projects and milestones to drive product development

The Pattern

The most effective way to develop a new product or make a significant improvement to an existing product is to plan and execute a project. This project needs to have:

  • An end objective. What is the project seeking to achieve?
  • Optionally, phases. A large project can be divided into a…

Foundation Pattern: Teams need a Product Manager

Pattern Summary

Software teams need a strong Product Manager with a passion for the product and the skills and connections to help the team bring the product to market. The Product Manager acts as CEO of the product and is accountable for the product mission, vision and strategy.

Alternative Patterns / Anti-patterns

Product Manager and Product Owner (anti-pattern)

This pattern describes a…

Chris Lennon

Agile coach. Ways of Working researcher. I live in beautiful New Zealand and work for Visa. I am also the founder of a start up — Views are my own.

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