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  • Albert Valiente

    Albert Valiente

    Active Listener | Lifelong Learner | Agile Activist | Sustainability Practitioner | QA Strategist

  • Pedro Rocha Vieira

    Pedro Rocha Vieira

  • Rob Read

    Rob Read

    Agile Coach

  • Andrew Coates

    Andrew Coates

    After 20 years of managing software delivery the traditional way, I turned the corner to a new way of thinking — agile! Pumped to help others do the same.

  • Yogesh Chavan

    Yogesh Chavan

    Full Stack Developer | JavaScript | React | Nodejs. https://dev.to/myogeshchavan97

  • Luke Pivac

    Luke Pivac

    Agile Auckland Committee | Agile Project Manager | Blogger: Agile It! & Agile | Adapt

  • Arturo Uscategui

    Arturo Uscategui

  • Ben Lugavere

    Ben Lugavere

    Blogger, Investor, JavaScript Developer

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