Scrum Guide 2020 — what’s changed?

What changed in the latest Scrum guide — a review of the changes and the global launch event.

1: The new Scrum guide is shorter (from 17 to 13 pages) and less prescriptive

2: The new guide is completely industry agnostic

3: The word “lean” makes its debut in the new guide

4: The structure of the guide has changed somewhat, the three artifacts now have three corresponding commitments.

5: Product goal has been introduced (as a commitment of the Product Backlog)

6: No more reference to the ‘development team’ — the Scrum team is one team

7: No more references to roles — replaced by accountabilities

8: Scrum master accountabilities introduced; the Scrum Master is now accountable for the Scrum Team’s effectiveness

9: No mention of scaling frameworks

That’s all folks

Agile coach. Ways of Working researcher. I live in beautiful New Zealand and work for Fraedom — part of Visa. I am also the founder of a start up —

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